Saturday, November 24, 2012

The ManBush Walk

Last week, my friend Abby, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served as an environmental educator in Paraguay, came to visit me on Malekula on her way to a bird-watching expedition in Malaysia. Together, we embarked on the ManBush Walk, a gorgeous, but grueling five-day trek. Abby spotted several different variegated bird species. We also crawled our way through a cave and disturbed a coven of bats that flew around in our faces. The last day in particular was arduous: A ten-hour hike almost all uphill and downhill. At times, people volunteered to carry my backpack and even carry me in order to remain on schedule. By the end of the trek, I was saturated in bruises and cuts, aches and pains. I am still recovering from it all. But it was incredible to see Abby again and I am quite proud of both of us for completing the hike.

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