Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gift of the Sugarbee

Two weeks ago, I was introduced to a man who harvests local sugarbee (honey). I asked him if he had any honey for sale, but he told me he was out. But last week, I was walking to a feast and a truck with two volunteers from the Japan International Cooperation (JICA), who had come to my village to work with the fishermen. I didn't realize at first that the driver was the same man who harvests sugarbee, but he remembered me. After discussing my imminent trip to Japan to see an old, intimate friend in Tokyo with the volunteers, the man reminded me who he was. He produced a large glass jar filled with the sugarbee. I asked if I could pay him later since I had no cash on me. He told me it was a gift. I was quite honored that this man would remember me. In Vanuatu, people remember faces.

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  1. Hi! Your posts have given me great ideas for what to do on my Vanuatu vacation at the end of December. I was a PCV in Tanzania a few years ago, so village life is one of the reasons I chose to travel to Vanuatu. Do you have any recommendations for a short-term visitor or PCVs interested in having an extra pair of hands or some American gifts (peanut butter? twizzlers? magazines?)? I'd love to be in touch - my email is