Monday, February 6, 2012

Three Earthquakes and a Cyclone

I am currently in the capital of Port Vila for a Peace Corps training.  Here, I have been able to obtain many tools I need to work on my house on Malekula which are not available there, including acrylic paints, a smokeless stove that works by building a fire inside of it, a stereo that operates from a cell phone battery, various spices, a tea kettle and pot for loose tea. Vanuatu was recently struck by three earthquakes, but sustained no damages. I was awoken by one at midnight one night that frightened me so much I ran outside in a towel. Vanuatu is also being hit by a cyclone tonight, so the Peace Corps has told us to take refuge in their office. We have moved our mattresses from the hotel into the office so we can sleep there, and will hopefully have access to Internet and electricity during the night. Hopefully, we will be permitted to return to our hotel tomorrow. Thankfully, it is not expected to be too dire.

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