Thursday, December 8, 2011

Swearing In

I have officially sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I will be staying in Port Vila until I leave for Malekula on Monday. I will be living and working at a school training both students and teachers. This is a forward progression on every level: professional, experiential, mental, familial, and spiritual. Getting to the island requires a great deal of preparation, since I have many supplies to take with me. Only so much can be transported on a plane. The rest will have to be shipped on a boat. I am quite excited to be living on Malekula. Reading about it, I see that there is an abundance of ceremonial dance, body paint, sculpture, and exquisite landscapes. The above pictures are of my swearing in ceremony, some ancestral statues on Malekula, and a kastom dance. I will witness all of it with eyes of integrity and enthusiasm.

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